Child Abuse in ISKCON

The Cost of Silence (About Child Abuse in ISKCON Hare Krishna Gurukul Boarding Schools)

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The Cost of Silence — Children of the Hare Krishnas is a new film produced by Sanaka dasa who was raised in ISKCON gurukuls in Italy and in India. As a child he witnessed different forms of abuse on a regular basis. Sanaka has dedicated the film to the generations of Hare Krishna children whose suffering has been ignored and silenced. The Cost of Silence was released on the auspicious day of more

Faith and Fear — Child Abuse in ISKCONs Hare Krishna Gurukul Schools 1977-2000

Faith & Fear — The Children of Krishna (2001) explores one of the darkest secrets of ISKCON in the 1970s and 80s — the abandonment and abuse of children raised as Hare Krishnas. This documentary combines in-depth interviews with exclusive archival footage to explore the history of the Hare Krishna movement and the experiences of the students in its gurukul boarding schools.

The Hare Krishnas. Known to many for their shaved heads, saffron robes and airport solicitation, the Krishnas were mainstays more